When a washing machine is not filling with water it is usually an indication of a problem with the water supply. It is therefore a good idea to check first that the mains supply is still running. If after checking that the main supply is in tact the machine is still not filling with water then you can make a few simple checks with the machine. Check also that the machine is functioning otherwise this could indicate a complete power failure.

If power and water main supplies are running properly then start by listening out for a humming noise when the appliance tries to take on water. The humming indicates that it is trying to take water in and that a kink or blockage could be preventing it. Checking the water valves and the filters that sit behind the valves to see if there is anything visible meaning the washer is not filling with water is advisable. Also check that the pipes leading from the water tap to the washer aren’t twisted or kinked as this too is a common problem that can prevent the water running back into the machine.

Most modern machines come with an error code if the machine isn’t performing properly so it is also a good idea to check the display panel to see if there is any code displayed that could be checked again the user manual. If anything untoward is on the display then it is probably wise to call in an expert to see if they can diagnose the problem further. Having someone check over the appliance is recommended for anything that the measures above don’t remedy. Whilst the washer not filling with water might seem like it would have a fairly obvious cause this is sometimes not the case and a professional might be needed.

When calling up a professional to deal with a washer, that is not filling up with water, be sure to have the make and model number to hand. Also be prepared to give a brief description of the problem and details of when it began happening and things you have tried to resolve it. Imperial Appliances Repair Nairobi Services  deal with all kinds of domestic appliance repairs and are able to provide an engineer to investigate when a washer is not filling with water. We offer a professional and reliable domestic appliance repair service and we will keep you informed of progress every step of the way.

A washer that is not filling up with water can be a major inconvenience but it could be quicker to hire a professional engineer than to attempt a fix yourself.