Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes



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Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes

Samsung washing machine error codes are becoming something which more and more consumers are finding themselves searching for online, as Samsung continues to increase the number of units sold within Nairobi Kenya

If you’ve lost the manual which came with your Samsung washing machine it can be very hard to find a list of all the correct error codes, so we’ve listed them below (please read our important notice at the end of this informational article).

Error Code Cause Solution
1E, E7 Water Level Sensor Issue Please check the pressure hose system for any blockages, splits, or deterioration. If no damage is found, and the connection is ok, we recommend replacing the pressure sensor.
3E, 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4, EA, EB Motor Defect Could be an open/short circuit (please check wind resistence), a PCB fault, or a loose connector.
3E1 Motor Overload Ensure there isn’t too much laundry in the appliance, the hall sensor terminal isn’t connected, or a possible PCB fault.
3E2 Motor Driving Error The motor driving error from the PBA is weak, unstable relay operation. We recommend replacing the Motor PCB.
3E3 Quiet-Drive Motor Error Faulty motor hall sensor, faulty PCB connection, or the Quiet Drive motor cover is out of place.
3E4 Quiet-Drive Motor Defect The PCB Housing terminal is not connected, there’s a PCB fault, or the Quiet-Motor drive is faulty.
4E, E1 Water Supply Error (only occurs after 10 mins when the pressure sensor is not detecting the unit filling with water) Check the water supply is turned on and has adequate water pressure (Samsung recommends minimum of 0.5bar, and a maximum of 8bar), check for any kinks in the hoses, check inlet filters inside end of Water Valve, check water valve coil resistance, should be 4~5kΩ, check hose from the drum to the sensor. If this is split or cracked it MUST be replaced.
4E1, 4ED Water Temperature Issue Check to ensure the waster hose is connected to a cold supply. It must NOT be connected to a hot supply.
4E2 Water Temperature Error The water is too hot for the selected wash.
5E, E2 Water Drain Error (only occurs after 10 mins when water is not draining from the appliance) Check the drain pump filter for any blockages (for e.g. coins, hair clips, lint,etc.), check the drain hose and connection for any blockages or kinks.
6E Water Heater Not Functioning Check the heater resistance which should be around ~27Ω.
8E Over Current Error Switch the appliance off at the mains and wait 30 seconds. Switch the appliance on and try again, if the appliance has an inverter motor check windings are not open circuit- causes juddering.
8E1 MEMS Sensor Error Check the connections to the MEMS sensor which is mounted on top of the tub. All they’re all secure then replace the sensor.
9E1, 9E2, PH1, Plo Power Error Check the supply voltage, check for loose power connectors or any with contact defects, check for defective noise filter and fuse.
AE, 13E Signal Communication Error (between the Main PCB and Sub PCB’s) Check all the connectors on the Main PCB and Sub PCB’s.
bE Motor TRIAC Short Error Swich off the power and then reconnect and try again. If the error persists then replace the PCB.
bE1, 12E Power Button Fault Power button held in for more than 13 seconds.
bE2, 14E Control Button Fault Any button (other than the power button) held in for more than 30 seconds.
bE3, 18E Switch Error There is a relay fault.
CE, E8 Cooling Error (temperature of water has not dropped below 55°C in 30 minutes after the washer cooling operation) Check if water supply is connected to hot and if so change to cold only feed, check that the hot/cold water supply is not switched over, if the first two are OK then check the heater temperature sensor.
dE, Ed Door Open Error (door not closed correctly/properly) Door Open Error (door not closed correctly/properly).
dE1 Door Lock Switch Error Check that the door is closed, check the switch for any damage and if so please replace.
dE2 On/Off Switch Error Excessive heat build up in the coil due to button being operated continuously
FE Fan Error (Dryer or Air Refresh fan fault) Check start condenser/capacitor and fan motor connections, check to see if the fan is hammed, if no other fault then replace replace the start condenser/capacitor.
H1 Incorrect Water Temperature/Water Temperature rises quickly Check the temperature sensor, check the pressure switch and hose.
HE Abnormal water temperature The temperature sensor has detected temperature over 100°C.
HE1, E5 Water Heater Error (this occurs if the water temperature has not reached 50°C in 20 minutes or does not rise more than 2°C) Check the heater resistance which should be ~27Ω.
HE2 Dryer Heater Error (occurs if the dryer heater circuit is open circuit) Check heater TCOs. One is resettable. if it needs to be reset; check fan for correct operation, check condenser water valve operation, check condenser for blockages.
HE3 Steam Function Fault Check steam function and TCOs.
HOT Appliance Too Hot (occurs if dryer is turned off early) This is not a fault - the appliance fan will continue to run until the appliance is cool enough for the washing to be removed. The door will unlock when it is safe.
LE, LE1, E9, 11E Water Leak (low water level detected during cycle) Check that the level of the drain hose is not lower than the base of the Samsung washing machine.
OE, E3 Overflow Error (too much water/foam has entered into the appliance) Too much washing power/liquid may have been added. Turn the power off to the appliance, wait 30 seconds, and then turn on again. The drain pump should kick into action to drain the appliance. Also check the pressure system for any debris/foam.
OF Overflow Abnormal (water has reached the overflow level) Check for any water valves which have stuck in the open position, check for debris/foam in the pressure system.
Sud Excess Foam Detected This is normal operation. The appliance will normally cure this condition on it’s own however if it doesn’t then run either an “Eco drum clean” or a 90°C cotton cycle with no detergent and no washing inside. If the problem persists then please check the pressure system and sump for any debris.
t1, t2, tSt Appliance In Test Mode Switch the appliance off at the mains and wait 30 seconds. Then, switch it back on and try again.
tE, EC Temperature Sensor Abnormal Issue Switch off the power and reconnect and try again. Check all the temperature sensors for relative continuity.
tE1 Water Heater Temp Sensor Defective Check the connections to the sensor and PCB, check resistance which should be ~12.8kΩ
tE2 Fan Housing Duct Sensor Defective Check the connections to the sensor and PCB, check resistance which should be ~12.8kΩ
tE3 Condenser Duct Sensor Defective Check the connections to the sensor and PCB, check resistance which should be ~12.8kΩ
UC Excessuve Fluctuation In The Supply Voltage (voltage has fluctuated outside 176-286vAC) Check that the supply voltage is within specifications, reset the power supply to clear the error. If the error cannot be reset then please replace the main PCB.
UE, E4 Unbalanced Error (the washing load in the drum is unbalanced i.e. clothes may have got trapped inside a large towel and resting on one side of the drum) This could be normal operation where the washing machine is stopping the spin for safety reasons. Please distribute washing more evenly. Check the weights and balancers for condition, check the shock absorbers for condition, check the springs for condition.