The cost of washing machine repair in Nairobi Kenya

The cost of washing machine repair in Nairobi Kenya

Laundry appliances are an important prt of the house-hold. Broken washing machines introduce unprecedented challenges that entail breakdown in levels of hygiene, and additional effort at maintaining the same. Getting a broken washer back to work involves additional expenditure too. A good technician or washing machine repair company should inform the client of all possible alternatives before the client makes the decision to embark on the washer repair process. 

Some components of the washing machine can be expensive, even getting up to half the cost of the machine. When such components break down either due to natural attrition or a technical fault, the repair costs for the washer can sky rocket. A good repair company should not recommend repair services if and when it costs over half the price of the machine.

Most washing machine repair companies breakdown the washer repair costs into 3 parts.

1. Washing Machine Fault troubleshooting / Diagnosis

The washing machine repairman has to check the source of the fault in the washer. Identifying the source of the error or problem may entail unscrewing the whole machine to inspect components individually or it may entail simplet diagnostics steps when the problem is simpler. Most repair compenies in Nairobi Kenya will charge a washing machine fault / problem diagnosis fee ranging between Ksh.600 and Ksh.1000. 

2. Washing machine Parts and Spare Costs

Once the washer fault diagnosis process is complete, getting the machine back to work may etail the replacement of washer parts. And sometimes it may simply entail fixing the broken parts. It all depends on the extent of damage to these parts. A Cracked Washing Tub for instance totally decommissions your washer and the most appropriate course of action is getting a new washer. The Washing Machine Motor could cost upto 18,000 Kenya shillings to purchase depending on the model of the washer.

3. Washing Machine repair labour costs

Most nairobi washing machine repair technicians will charge between Ksh.2000 and Ksh.3000 as washer repair labor fees.

This leaves the minimum cost of repairing a washer in Nairobi Kenya at Ksh.3000 (Fault Diagnosis fee + Minimum repair services labor cost) and the maximum cost of repairing a washing machine at Ksh.22,000 (Fault Diagnosis cost + Maximum spare part cost + Maximum labor cost)

Once you have the right information about the cost of repairing a washing machine at hand, it is the client's prerogative to decide on whether they are fine with moving forward with the process, or they would rather get a new appliance. Budgeting for expenditures is an individual thing and sometimes, even when the repair costs reach half the cost of the machine, going ahead with the repair can still save the client a good amount of money especially when such funds are needed in the immediate future. Imperial Appliances Repair Nairobi attaches a repair warranty of upto 6 months on repairs to assure guarantee of quality service and to put the client at ease so they have enough time for other issues.