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Moving Services in Nairobi Kenya, Removals and Storage

Enjoy top quality, professional moving services in Nairobi and the rest of Kenya, with Bestcare Movers. We are your best choice for Moving and relocation needs.

With us, you get to work with a Moving compnay in possession of years of experience and a highly motivated and dedicated professional staff to take care of business. Our business model is based on Standards, Professionalism and efficiency.

Moving Services Company in Nairobi Kenya

1). High Standards in the Moving & Relocation Industry by Bestcare Movers, your favourite moving services provider

In our possession is all the pre-requisite parameters necessary for the delivery of reliable moving services.

We maintain a fleet of Trucks, Vans, trolleys and auto-mobiles necessary to conduct moving and relocation services of various magnitudes.

Whether its residential moving or commercial moving, moving of large items like industrial machinesor as small as pets, you are covered with Bestcare Movers.

We utilize high moving industry standards of packaging to ensure that your treasured belongings arrive on destination, on schedule.

2). Top Professionalism in Moving Services Delivery

From initial communication to the unveiling of the new address, we provide the client with progress updates as desired. Our team is well trained, experienced and regularly exposed to emerging moving industry trends, practives and standards.

Top notch logistics ensure that our moving and relocation services are delivererd on schedule, without compromise on quality of service.

And while very professional and keen on quality, our team is very friendly and dynamic too. Custom client requests are accepted and executed with precision.

3). Efficient Moving Services

Our standard operating proceduresin our Moving and relocation business put us in a place where we are able to deliver on the promise of efficiency and quality of service.

Choose to work with Bestcare Movers for your moving services needs in Nairobi and the rest of Kenya, and you will be glad you did.

We promise to assist you move with lots of peaceand comfort, once you let us handle the Moving process for your home and / or business. Our Moving Services in Nairobi and the rest of Kenya are curated around the fact that, moving is an essential and intergral part of every person, and very important, while at it.

Everyday, people move, whether its from the home to work or work to home. Everytime you move, you carry a varying amount of items with you.

The moving process can also entail a wholesale process of carrying all your belongings and switching your residential or commercial address completely. We understand that, considering the items and activity involved in the moving process, it can get very personal and private.

Some items are very dear or personal. Others are very important. This then necessitates a moving service provider that can switch the whole experience into a more personalized and properly planned one.

Bestcare Movers has a moving, storage and removal process that makes the personalized experience for every client a top priority.

We internalize the moving services client needs, then build a comprehensive and an indepth list of a detailed assessment of your needs and requirements. The nature of items and property at hand is also listed and this information is of high importance to us.

Privacy, security and safety are our top tenets in the business of moving, removal and storage services. Based on our ranked system, we will ensure that proper packing is done for every single item to ensure that it arrives at its intended destination safe, secure and intact.

You do not need to break a sweat. All we need is your specific instructions, the old address and new address. We will assign appropriate moving trucks and our experienced moving and removals drivers and staff to get everything in place, within the right time-frame.


Get the best domestic moving and relocation services in Nairobi Kenya, machines moving, domestic moving, commercial moving, office items moving, pets moving, and storage services.


Are you moving to a new home or office ? Would you like to work with a moving services providing partner who is keen on delivering high quality, efficient, professional and reliable moving services ?

We are Bestcare Movers and we offer affordable and experienced movers in Nairobi, Kenya. Get in touch with us by dialling  0725548383 for a cost estimate

Is it that time that you are thinking of relocating to another apartment, a house or a better office for your business?

If you are looking for a moving and relocation services company that enables you move at friendly market rates while maintaining high standards of service quality, then Bestcare Movers have your back.

We work diligently, taking great care of your treasured household bellongings and your expensive office machines, equipment and funiture, laptops, desktop computers, electronic and electric appliances among others.

Bestcare Moving Services is your best choice for a moving and relocation services partner. We will handle your domestic moving services needs with dedication and valour, on schedule.

​We have a vastly trained and experienced technical and logistics team that includes movers, drivers, handymen, cleaners and interior designers, ready and well equipped to get the moving business going.

We take customized requests from clients seriously and will adjust accordingly to meet your specific desired needs. Our team technical team that includes truck & van drivers,  mechanical trolley operators, loaders, packaging team and logistics team, are always on standby to deliver on our promise of efficiency and reliability.

With Bestcare Movers, You can be sure of privacy, security and top shelf moving services quality. You can sit back, focus on the activity that matters most at the moment for you, and enjoy the smoothest address transition.

We offer moving and relocation services that match a wide array of requirements in terms of size and urgency.

Reliable moving, keen on efficiency and privacy

When it comes to moving services providers, it is important to map out your needs and requirements before settling on a moving company. It is often the case that,many clients desire a dynamic and reliable mover to take careof their moving needs and requirements.

We work in such a way as to accomodate these needs, technical, financial, privacy and security, logistical and operational, to ensure that at the close of business, you transition in your new address easy and comfortable.

We offer local, or nation-wide, and international moving and relocation services at great market rates. These rates are designed to ensure that the client enjoys high quality moving & relocation, and us, the ervice providers, maintain a healthy business.

Get in touch with us on0725548383for the best moving services in Nairobi and the rest of Kenya.

​Here at Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya, Our removal service Packages are made to be flexible and can be adjusted and readjusted to meet all of your moving requirements.

Some of our clients require only a driver and a truck to move. In this case, they will hire our truck and driver and get their own moving helpers or get family and friend to help them in the packing and loading of the truck, and also the un-load and the arranging of the house hold goods at the final destination.

We also do commercial transport work and serve office moving clients who only need a truck and they get their stuff members to help in the loading and un-loading. This kind of flexibility and custom arrangements help our clients save money and stay on budget while also getting some great services from us.

​We also serve clients who need our loading and unloading experts to take care of the moving process from unpacking to packing end to end. We have all the packages to cater for any unique needs our customers may have.


It’s no secret that we are actually the best among all movers in Nairobi, Kenya. We have achieved this by making sure that we equip our removal experts and our truck drivers with ongoing skills and training to better serve our clients. Below is some of our transportation, relocations and delivery services we offer.


Are you moving house soon? The list of house movers in Nairobi is actually a very long, long one. To make sure that we are on top and stand apart from our competition, we make sure that we go beyond the normal expectation of all of our esteemed clients. Most of our apartment and house moving new business comes to us through word of mouth from our previous happy clients. This tell you that we are doing something right and we are proud of it. We have a fleet that will satisfy all kinds of our client’s requirements. We have pickup trucks, cargo vans, all sizes of canter trucks and tow trucks available and we can take all kinds of jobs from small delivery assignments to huge goods and cargo transportation and delivery work. Learn more about our apartment and house packers and movers services HERE or order for your house or apartment removal here.


Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya provides corporate movers services to all businesses looking to change office locations in Nairobi, Kenya and beyond. We know how challenging the thought of relocating large offices can be and we are here to help ease that and make sure that all of your office equipment, furniture and paintings are packaged well and all the goods reach their final office location without damages. We provide very affordable prices and will make custom adjustable removals and transportation packages to cater for all of your unique needs. Find out more about our office moving service here or make your order now here.


We all know that accidents and car breakdowns are un predictable and we have to do the best we can to make sure that we are well prepared if the unfortunate occasional breakdown happens and you need a tow truck to get your car to a garage or some other safer place. We have a service we call “Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya Towing on Demand” where we provide towing services to all our client. We have flatbed tow trucks to make sure that your car is not damaged further while it’s being transported. Find out and learn more about our towing truck services here. Order for our tow truck transport services here.


We are you looking for transporters who can provide you with heavy machinery Relocating and transporting services? Oversized and heavy machines moving and relocation projects require different types of packaging and transporting trucks to ensure they are expertly and securely packed for the move in accordance with the laws. Here at Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya, we specialize in this kind of cargo transport and we have experts onboard to make sure your cargo is fastened well before the move. Our machinery relocation equipment includes forklift, hydraulic jacks, rollers, cranes and our heavy machine moving expert technicians. To order for our heavy machine delivery services, please call  0725548383


Are you looking to move from one county to another or across the country? Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya will get you there safely and on time! Here at Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya we are known for great customer service and we work hard to keep that reputation for our local relocating clients. We have brought the same professional skills to develop our expedited and value packed long distance relocations service in order to meet our client needs. With our long distance packages, you can expect safe and quick transportation time to your new location.

Taking into account of our outstand customer service, affordable long distance moving packages and our long distance relocations experts, there’s no reason for you not to order for your move today.


Whether you are renovating your home, cleaning up your home or office area, cleaning up after a building construction project or anything else in between, you will benefit from our junk removal services. If you are looking to cleanup, we are the number 1 rated company when it comes to junk removal. Our customer service is ready to answer all of you question and our junk removal experts happily do a great job. Call us today to make your order: 0725548383


At Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya removals and relocation, we handle all kinds of international moving jobs. We provide our clients with all kinds of international moving related services that you may require. Our customer service is just a phone call away to answer to any and all of your questions that you may have while you try to prepare for your relocation from one country or location to the next. Our International moving division helps our clients move effortlessly and we hold their hands and guide them through the correct steps that could otherwise result to mistakes and unnecessary issues that may cause delays.

Our logistics and international movers have extensive experience which not many relocating companies here in Nairobi and Kenya in general can handle. We also provide you with enough storage for your goods should you need one. We are here to help you relocate without much hustle. Take advantage of all our international relocating, expatriate mobility and logistics services. Let us safely keep your house hold goods at our storage locations and help take a load off your mind. Find out more about our international relocating services here and call us


WIt is so surprising how quickly we do accumulate things over a period of time, and which is why Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya’s household storage and warehousing services for our international movers is exceptionally useful and so much in demand. Whether you are a Kenyan looking for storage and relocation or an expatriate going home for a visit and just needs a storage for a short while or a long period, we can help. Find out more about our storage and warehousing services here and call us to get our experts help at: +254 722566999


We handling all kinds of the last mile moving and delivery jobs that helps get our clients’ goods to their doorstep. We handle individual and corporate furniture deliveries, and anything in between for both organizations, commercial and residential clients. We also do super market and mall deliveries for our clients buying bulky goods like washing machines, fridges, furniture, carpets, gas cookers and cylinders, etc. We also do perishable goods transporting which involves all kinds of foods and farming produce goods using our refrigerated fiber glass trucks. If you have any moving project whether big or small and you are wondering if Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya will do it, just call us and chances are that we do! We are the best furniture movers and our number is: 0725548383


We are working to develop a product we call “cube Relocations services” that will further save our clients’ money when it comes to cheaper moving. The service will work by us providing clients with moving containers where they get like 1 to 3 days to pack it with their good, and then our driver comes with a moving truck and picks it to deliver the goods to the new location. This kind of transportation service will help our movers willing to do the loading and unloading themselves save more money from the moving costs. No removal companies offer the service at the moment. Find out more about our BESTCARE MOVING SERVICES NAIROBI KENYA service here.


At Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya we make custom packages for all kinds of moves which means that we can match or beat all of the other moving companies in Kenya. Some projects may require extra fees but we keep our clients informed all through the process and unlike other companies, we never charge any extra fees apart from the agreed amounts before taking the job. Our costing includes packing and unpacking services, extra pick-ups at a storage facility or disassembling furniture. There is no obligation to just order or call us to get your moving quotes. Get in touch with us by dialling  0725548383 for a cost estimate


We aren’t joking when we say we are simply the best solution for you when it comes to all kinds or removals. We know that there is a lot of competition when it comes to movers and packers service providers in Nairobi and Kenya in General. But if you are looking for creative local movers who are flexible and can meet all of your needs at an affordable cost, then Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya is the company to contact today. Some of our competitors are BESTCARE MOVING SERVICES NAIROBI KENYA, Alpha, Nellions, Ahadi, KejaMove, Prestige and AGS to name just but a few of the local moving companies. Bestcare Moving Services Nairobi Kenya is the best among them all and our services are pocket friendly compared to all of them. ORDER FOR YOUR MOVE TODAY HERE.


Moving is one of the things that no one really enjoys doing but there comes a time that you have to move. When that time comes, the best thing you can do to make it easy for you and your movers is prepare well in advance. We have made a list of really good moving preparation guideline you can follow to make the experience as painless as possible. Find out more at how to prepare for house moving here. Find out how to prepare for office moving here.


Enjoy the best moving and relocation services in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Thika, Kiambu and the rest of Kenya. We deal with home/ domestic moving and relocation, office moving, pet moving and relocation, bulky machines and equipment moving, waste and debris removal, and international moving and relocation. We also offer storage services.


1. Equipment Moving Services

Get the best equipment moving and relocation services in Nairobi Kenya, machines moving, domestic moving, commercial moving, office items moving, pets moving, and storage services

2. Domestic Moving and Relocation

Get the best domestic moving and relocation services in Nairobi Kenya, machines moving, domestic moving, commercial moving, office items moving, pets moving, and storage services.

3. Pet Moving and Relocation

Get the best pet moving and relocation services in Nairobi Kenya, machines moving, domestic moving, commercial moving, office items moving, pets moving, and storage services.

4. Machine Moving and Relocation

Get the best machine moving and relocation services in Nairobi Kenya, machines moving, domestic moving, commercial moving, office items moving, pets moving, and storage services.

5. Storage Services inNairobi & Kenya

Get the best storage and relocation services in Nairobi Kenya, machines moving, domestic moving, commercial moving, office items moving, pets moving, and storage services.

6. Office Moving and Relocation

Get the best office moving and relocation services in Nairobi Kenya, machines moving, domestic moving, commercial moving, office items moving, pets moving, and storage services.

7. Exhauster Services & Waste removal

Get the best exhauster / Honey sucker services in Nairobi / Waste removal services in Nairobi Kenya, Cleaning services, septic tank cleaning, waste management, waste disposal